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Transvulcania 09 is born with the intention of approaching  the mountain sportsmen to our Island of La Palma, to all the natural wealth that our small territory owns, besides showing a place with a great potential for the accomplishment of this class of events, not only those of these type of sports but also the echo-cultural ones. The active leisure and hiking in the nature are the ideal form of approaching to the reality of a territory of high natural patrimony like the one of the Island of La Palma.

The I Mountain Ultra marathon is based on a very demanding route of a little more  than 83 km. of distance and 8500 m of accumulated unevenness, passing by a 97% of signalized footpaths and accredited by the European Hiking and Mountain Federation, that will take to the runners by almost all the ecosystems that any person can visit all over our small but great insular geography, like the Natural Salt mines of Fuencaliente (one of  the few still in production  in the Canary Islands) or the volcanoes of the South ridge of the island, the well-known one  Route of the Volcanoes, besides happening through pine groves that remember  us our not so distant past, filled with cattle ranch and agriculture,  effort and hunger, where only the more adapted species, like the  Pino Canario (Pinus Canariensis) or the palmero agriculturist, could survive.


We do not have either forget of the ecosystem of ridges, where we can observe the past and the future of this island, the dwellings of shepherds that we inherited of our ancestors and the Observatory Astrophysicist (of world-wide importance) which we will bequeath our children. As well as the adventure to border the impressive crater of the National Park of the Caldera de Taburiente, with about 8 km of diameter and almost two thousand meters of unevenness, where coexist vegetal species that have found in this small geologic redoubt a unique opportunity for their survival. As well as the transforming action of the palmero in Los Llanos de Aridane, that has seen as its profile was transforming throughout the years to become a ploughed aspect and agricultural that it owns nowadays, where the cultivation of tropical fruits, mainly the banana, are the authentic protagonists.


By all this, the Organization of Transvulcania 09 considers that to approach the Island of La Palma from this point of view, conscious of the surroundings that are visited and the means by which we journeyed, is the best way to know and to enjoy an island like ours, of an island like La Palma, and if we conjugated in addition with the sport practice of a Mountain Race, surely we will have secured the double purpose that we looked for: the enjoyment of your stay between us and the best publicity than any palmero persecute of his island. Your Island.


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