• Transvulcania, considered by many to be the toughest ultramarathon in the Canaries and one of the most demanding in all Spain, was designed with the aim of promoting the natural riches of the Island of La Palma through hiking and active tourism in nature.
  • Walking is all about moving forward, and with this in mind the Organization of the 2nd La Palma Mountain and Hiking Ultramarathon wanted to harness the momentum generated by all the runners who participated in Transvulcania 09 last July, when over 370 courageous souls braved that day’s weather conditions – winds of more than 50km/hour and temperatures above 35ºC – and rose to the challenge presented by the rugged landscape, the distance and their own fitness to complete the first edition of this Ultramarathon.
  • In addition to this, the great response to the 2009 edition encouraged us to organize Transvulcania 10; the terrain and technical characteristics of the course are the same, but hopefully any mistakes made in the first edition will not be repeated.
  • When we face adverse conditions we remember that all energy and effort we put into any competition in life should have some kind of goal, some kind of reward, to make us realize that only those who persist and strive will achieve success; then we can sit back and enjoy this effort and appreciate the dream come true, and only those who have likewise suffered can understand this.
  • The invaluable collaboration of various institutions, organizations, associations and volunteers made this dream come true in the first edition of the Island of La Palma Mountain Race, demonstrating once again that union is strength. It cannot be overemphasised how much the success of the first edition of Transvulcania owed to voluntary collaboration.
  • The TRANSVULCANIA Mountain and Hiking Race was created early in 2009 to make the most of the extensive network of footpaths on La Palma (over 1000km of recognized and signposted trails all over the Island), aiming to combine this historical legacy (many trails date from pre-Spanish times) with the growing interest in this type of eco-sporting events noticeable in the Canary islands.
  • Clear proof of this interest can be seen in the statistics of the first edition of this mountain race: more than 300 participants altogether registered in the two categories; 122 reached the Half-marathon finishing line; 93 completed the demanding Ultramarathon. In case there was any doubt about how tough it was, suffice it to mention that almost 50% of the athletes who started the Ultramarathon abandoned somewhere along the way, mainly due to the extreme nature of the course (over 83km distance with an accumulated height difference of 8500m), but also to the weather conditions that day (wind over than 50km/hour and temperatures above 35ºC).
  • Hoping to imbue the second edition of Transvulcania with the same spirit as the first, we are repeating the original course: Start at the Lighthouse in Fuencaliente (5m above mean sea level), climbing the Volcano Route in the Nature Park of Cumbre Vieja (maximum height 1900m a.m.s.l.), through the green woods of the Cumbre Nueva, then around the edge of the crater which forms the Caldera de Taburiente National Park to reach the island’s highest point (the Roque de los Muchachos at 2426m a.m.s.l.), only to return to sea level at the harbour of Puerto de Tazacorte before finally climbing again to the Finish in Los Llanos de Aridane at 350m a.m.s.l.
  • We should not forget the Island Ramblers’ Meeting, which celebrates its 3rd anniversary hiking around La Palma; especially considering they were the pioneers of this type of activity in a natural environment. Moreover, this year we are launching the first edition of TRANSVULCANIA KIDS, created as the “first mountain race” for youngsters.
  • So we hope that, with this spirit inherited from the 2009 edition, all those runners who visit our small island will enjoy the race, the landscape, the hospitality of the Palmeros and even the ultra-demanding course so much that, on returning home, they will have only one thought in mind: “I hope I can do it again next year!”

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